I'm serious when I need to be.

The rest of the time...shenanigans!

I love to create.

Rain or shine, let's make some something beautiful together.

I'm also a woodworker! Since the pandemic locked the world down, I found other ways to maintain my creative edge. In 2020 I started a thriving business making beautiful household items from tree parts! That work can be viewed at www.lecowoco.ca

A little about me


I’m Sven

I was born on the Canadian prairies but the ocean was calling me, and so I answered. Currently living on a giant rock (Vancouver Island) in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest with my wife and trio of crotch-goblins.



I went to school for geology, but my love for creating beautiful things led me to the world of photography. It started with pictures of prairie sunsets, but evolved into portraiture and human connection.



Digital photography naturally lends itself to allowing the user to dabble in video. Consequently...I'm a dabbler. I currently provide editing services to clients in the Vancouver, BC area.


Interesting Fact

I can really only see out of one eye. This means I can't see those "Magic Eye" 3D images. I'll never see the sailboat (if you know, you know)...but it also means I view the world exactly like a camera does!